Turning 60? 2 Health Problems You Should Be Aware Of


When you start aging, there are health problems that can creep up on you. It can be helpful to learn about these problems so you can watch out for the signs. You can then get treatment early so you can feel better again. Keep reading to learn of two of these things. Cataracts Cataracts are not life threatening but they can make you go completely blind if you do not get them treated.

13 March 2017

How Eye Doctors Measure Your Eyes For Contact Lenses


If you are considering contact lenses, and you have never had them before, you may be wondering how doctors fit the lenses to your eye. There is actually a part of your eye exam referred to as the "contact lens exam." Really, this is just a few extra steps that your optometrist (a.k.a., eye doctor) takes to get the exact measurements of your eyes. Here is how that part of the exam works.

24 February 2017

Who Is At Risk From Giant Cell Arteritis?


Giant cell arteritis (or temporal arteritis) is an eye condition that affects around 228,000 people in the United States. The disease is one of a group of disorders that eye doctors refer to as vasculitis, which occurs when there is a problem with the blood vessels in the eye. Learn more about the symptoms of giant cell arteritis and find out which groups of people are at greater risk of suffering from this condition by reading this article

23 March 2016

Why Are Your Glasses Giving You A Headache?


Are you suffering from a lot of headaches that you're pretty sure are due to your glasses? You don't have to go on living with the pain. Here's a look at some common reasons why glasses cause headaches, along with some tips for addressing them. Did you just get a new prescription? If you just got a new prescription, it can take your brain some time to get used to interpreting the changed signals it's receiving from your eyes as a result of the new prescription.

14 March 2016

3-Step Home Remedy For Treating Your Bacterial Conjunctivitis


If you have been diagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis, or pink eye, your eye doctor may have prescribed you an antibiotic ointment to treat it. However, if you are wondering if there is something you can do at home to help with your symptoms, such as inflammation and dry, irritated eyes, try the following three-step home remedy using ingredients you can find in supermarkets, department stores, and pharmacies. Step 1:  Apply A Homemade Honey And Water Ointment

18 February 2016

3 Treatments For Trichiasis


Trichiasis is a painful eye condition that occurs when your eyelashes grow towards your eyeballs, instead of away from them. These misdirected eyelashes rub against the surface of your eyes and lead to irritation and damage. Fortunately, many treatments are available for trichiasis, so you don't need to learn to live with your condition. Here are three treatments for trichiasis. Mechanical Epilation Mechanical epilation is the medical term for plucking. Your optometrist will use a small pair of tweezers to carefully remove any eyelashes that are growing in the wrong direction.

1 February 2016

Bad Headaches: Why Astigmatism Cause Them & How An Optometrist Can Help


Are you tired of constant headaches that never seem to go away? You may be dealing with an eye condition called astigmatism that must be corrected before you will feel better. Below, you will find out why astigmatism is causing you to have bad headaches and how an optometrist can help. Why Does Astigmatism Cause Bad Headaches? You can develop astigmatism in one or both of your eyes. The condition stems from the cornea of your eyes having an irregular curve.

10 December 2014