Understanding Eye Problems

After struggling with blurry vision for years, I finally realized that it was time to consult with a professional. Simply put, I was tired of dealing with the struggles of acting like I could see when I really couldn't. It was embarrassing, and I just wanted to be able to participate like normal. I was nervous for the eye appointment, but my doctor was incredible. He walked me through every aspect of the exam and calmed my fears about permanent eye damage. This blog is all about working with an optometrist to get the vision experience that you really deserve.

4 Tips For Healthier Eyes With Diabetes


The key to feeling your best if you have a medical condition, such as diabetes is to keep a check on your vision. One of the issues you may face when living with this situation is more issues with your eyesight. It's important to know the right things to do that may encourage better vision if you have diabetes.

Tip #1: Visit your eye doctor

One of the most important things you can do is visit an optometrist if you're dealing with this condition. Unfortunately, diabetes can have a negative impact on your eyes and working to reduce the severity of this is one thing you should attempt to do.

Getting a thorough eye examination by your optometrist is by far one of the most useful courses of action you can take if you deal with this medical condition.

Tip #2: Check your blood pressure

Taking the time to keep a check on your blood pressure is one of the best things you can do if you want to avoid any concerns with your eyesight. It's essential for your overall health and that of your vision to treat high blood pressure and wok to keep it in a healthy range.

Tip #3: Know your cholesterol levels

It's critical for your health to have your cholesterol checked routinely and work to ensure it's within the right range. One of the factors that may worsen your vision is having a reading that's exceptionally high.

Tip #4: Stay active

One of the top ways for you to get the most out of life is by moving more. Have an exercise regimen in place and stick to it while doing things that you love to do.

Sitting specific days of the week that you take long walks or go to the gym can allow you to keep your exercise up and enjoy better health in the process. Another great idea is enlisting the aid of a friend to be an accountability partner or to tag along with you.

Taking care of your vision may take a bit of extra work if you have diabetes but can be done with the right attitude. Knowing the right things to do and ensuring your proactive each day is the key to making this possible. Be sure to contact a company like Northwest Ophthalmology today to offer more tips and advice for healthier eyes when living with diabetes. 


4 August 2018