Understanding Eye Problems

After struggling with blurry vision for years, I finally realized that it was time to consult with a professional. Simply put, I was tired of dealing with the struggles of acting like I could see when I really couldn't. It was embarrassing, and I just wanted to be able to participate like normal. I was nervous for the eye appointment, but my doctor was incredible. He walked me through every aspect of the exam and calmed my fears about permanent eye damage. This blog is all about working with an optometrist to get the vision experience that you really deserve.

Three Problems Commonly Treated By Ophthalmologists


An ophthalmologist can provide patients with vital care for preserving and protecting their vision. While these professionals can treat a wide range of different vision problems, there are a few serious eye problems that they will often have to address for their patients.


As a person ages, they can become increasingly likely to develop cataracts. These are blind spots that will gradually worsen over time. They arise as a result of protein gathering on the lens of the eye. At first, the symptoms of this problem may be almost unnoticeable. However, the size and severity of these blind spots will gradually worsen. While there are drops and other medications that can help to slow the rate of growth of these protein deposits, the only permanent solution for patients with cataracts will be to replace the lens of the eye so that these proteins can be removed.


While diabetes can have profound impacts on a person's general health, it should also be noted that it can be extremely damaging to the delicate tissues in your eyes. This damage results from the ability of diabetes to decrease blood circulation, which can greatly reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the eyes are receiving. When a person suffers from diabetes, they may need to regularly visit with an ophthalmologist so that their eyes can be thoroughly evaluated. In some instances, there may be treatments that can lessen the sensitivity of the patient's eyes to suffering diabetes-related damage.

Eye Pressure Issues

A person's eyes are filled with a fluid. Unfortunately, individuals can suffer from pressure issues with this fluid, which can rapidly cause extensive damage to the eyes and extreme discomfort. Regulating this pressure can be done through the use of certain medications as well as surgical procedures that can relieve excess pressure. Individuals that suffer from this problem should undergo regular checkups regardless of whether they are showing symptoms of pressure issues as this is a condition that can require intensive monitoring to prevent it from damaging the eyes.

When you are suffering from serious eye problems, an ophthalmologist can be the best professional to visit to have the condition diagnosed and treated. Cataracts, diabetes complications and eye pressure issues are some of the most commonly treated problems by these professionals. However, they are often asked to treat and address a wide range of potentially serious eye problems. If you are unsure as to whether you require this type of care, your optometrist or general health practitioner may be able to determine whether a referral to these specialists is needed.


3 November 2018