Understanding Eye Problems

After struggling with blurry vision for years, I finally realized that it was time to consult with a professional. Simply put, I was tired of dealing with the struggles of acting like I could see when I really couldn't. It was embarrassing, and I just wanted to be able to participate like normal. I was nervous for the eye appointment, but my doctor was incredible. He walked me through every aspect of the exam and calmed my fears about permanent eye damage. This blog is all about working with an optometrist to get the vision experience that you really deserve.

Just Got An Office Job? Get An Eye Exam To Optimize Your Computer Vision


While going through college, you may not have spent much time on a computer in a single session. But, this is something that you can expect to change when you get an office job. These jobs will have you sitting on a desk in front of a computer monitor for around eight hours per day. Although you will have lunch and breaks, you should try to optimize your computer vision.

An ideal way to handle this situation is scheduling an eye exam before you begin working. At the very least, you should schedule an appointment after you start working in the office.

Vision Correction

The first thing that an optometrist can help with is determining if you need vision correction. This will improve your productivity because you will have an easier time seeing text on the screen.

Vision correction is not something that you can just put glasses on for and expect to see better. An eye doctor will provide you with a prescription that is personalized for your vision. If you think that you will want contact lenses, you should make sure to schedule a contact lens exam.

When you have not been to an eye doctor for a long time and you have poor vision, you should expect to have a transition to perfect eyesight over an extended time frame. This will minimize the chance of issues while wearing glasses or contacts such as headaches and nausea.

Viewing Habits

An eye doctor can provide valuable information on how you should look at a computer monitor when you are on the job. For instance, you will want to eliminate or minimize glare. You can accomplish this by adding an anti-glare screen to a monitor or having a certain workplace design. For instance, glossy white walls make it easier for a glare to appear on your computer's display.

You can bring up these suggestions to your boss, who will hopefully accept your proposals. Another way to minimize eyestrain is by using optimal monitor settings. Two ways include reducing brightness and increasing text size so that you can look and read comfortably.

Tinted Glasses

If you need glasses or contact lenses, you will benefit from picking glasses because you can get them tinted. A light tint will reduce the glare and brightness without having to change settings. You can start with a light tint and order a darker tint later if you think that it will help more.

When you start an office job, you will benefit from getting an eye exam. This is especially true when you need vision correction and want to make it easier to work in an office for long hours.


3 April 2018