Understanding Eye Problems

After struggling with blurry vision for years, I finally realized that it was time to consult with a professional. Simply put, I was tired of dealing with the struggles of acting like I could see when I really couldn't. It was embarrassing, and I just wanted to be able to participate like normal. I was nervous for the eye appointment, but my doctor was incredible. He walked me through every aspect of the exam and calmed my fears about permanent eye damage. This blog is all about working with an optometrist to get the vision experience that you really deserve.

2 Things The Eye Doctor Will Do At Your Exam


There are many people who wonder if they should be going to the eye doctor. Since many people don't have insurance for these types of appointments, they put off getting an eye exam for far too long. The recommendation is seeing the eye doctor every couple years while you are young and healthy, and then as you get old the time gets shorter until you should be seeing the eye doctor annually. Here are some of the things that will happen at the eye doctor.

1. Check Your Vision

The most common reason people see the eye doctor is because they have a concern about their vision. It is not uncommon for even young children to have a hard time seeing correctly. You can see children as young as infants with glasses, however it is more common for people to need glasses as they get older. Usually you will see vision changes in teenage years and young adulthood. Then as you get into your elder years, you will notice problems with reading, and perhaps even more problems from seeing from afar.

You should know that your vision can change gradually. It may not be noticeable that you need vision correction lenses. You might start to get headaches more often, you may feel like your eyes are burning and tired at the end of the day, and then of course blurred vision.

2. Check For Eye Disease

One of the most important reasons to see the eye doctor is to have your eyes checked for diseased. Unfortunately, many eye disease do not have symptoms until the problem is too severe to treat. The only way to tell that you have a problem is by getting an eye exam done where the doctor checks the eye and surrounding cells for any problems.

This is so incredibly important because if you can catch eye diseases early on you can prevent major problems. If the doctor see signs of something like a glaucoma you can treat it. If you wait until you start to notice symptoms of a glaucoma, and then see the doctor for treatment, it may very well be too late and you may deal with vision loss forever. This is why going to the eye doctor or an exam is so vital. It is not just for vision changes, but actually to prevent major problems.

As you can see, going to the eye doctor is very important. Contact a clinic, like Cripe Stephens & Stickel, for more help.


17 November 2017